Services overview

AloAlo’s Services are geared towards healthcare practices of all sizes.  Our VOIP phone systems integrate with healthcare software to provide a positive user experience that saves time and increases productivity.  Additionally the flexibility of a cloud based system provides for mobility and portability that has not been available in traditional PBX systems.

  • Voice Over IP (VOIP) Phone Services
    Voice Over IP liberates you from the phone company and their complicated and costly plans. Our unlimited plans provide limitless inbound and outbound calling for a low monthly price.
  • Software Integration
    One of the hallmarks sit of a good communication system is how it can enable you to be more productive and efficient. Our focus on healthcare integration allows us to interface to a multitude of products where we enable the users to dynamically look up patients based on caller ID thereby saving many keystrokes and mistakes.

Want to find out what our systems can do for your practices?  Call us toll-free at 855-977-1977 or contact us online.

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