Save time and money

Save time and money

With AloAlo’s service offerings  our aim is to reduce your costs and increase productivity.  We don’t just pay lip service to these ideas, instead, we back it up.  With our unlimited inbound and outbound calling services, we guarantee a reduction in your monthly phone bill but we don’t stop there.  Our development team is constantly working on our software to enhance your communication experience and save you time.

Greenway Primesuite Integration –  Our Windows app runs in the background and automatically searches your patient roster based on the incoming caller ID.  These results are displayed in a popup to allow you to choose one of the matches which then brings that patient chart on the screen.  How much time do you think your staff can save by not having to lookup patients?

It doesn’t stop there, our app will also let you click-to-dial a patient’ phone number directly form the chart thus saving you from having to manually dial the patient and guarantees accuracy

With these time saving techniques, your entire practice will be more efficient and you’ll wonder how you ever used the system without it.



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